You’re Not Alone in Feeling Lonely

Ready to get vulnerable? Good, now raise your hand if you think ‘mom life’ gets pretty lonely.

Ok, now keep them up… Ladies, take a look around.

See? You are not alone in your feelings of loneliness.

Neither am I.

Unfortunately we just don’t go through life wearing a badge that says, “I’m lonely; please talk to me” or “I really need a friend!”

How I wish we did! It’d be so nice to know who needs female companionship and support as much as I do.

We are more alike than not.

Start Talking

A more realistic option is to take the risk of actually talking to people. Yeah, like random people — at the park, store, school, library, kids’ sports events or practices, etc. The fact that you’re at the same place means you have a few things in common already!

Seriously, how many times have you looked longingly at the groups of women chatting and laughing together? You want that special and authentic connection they seem to have with each other. You need it!

Yet I bet you don’t dare try to bust into that giggling group with their inside jokes and stories.

It’s obviously easier to start a conversation with that mom who’s by herself. Sure, you could convince yourself that she’s more interested in the book she’s reading or in scrolling through social media on her phone, but she’d probably happily trade either for a genuine conversation with a potential ‘mom friend’ in you.

And, if she doesn’t really respond to your attempt to converse, so be it — at least you tried to reach out! Great job! Now find someone else and try again.

We all wear an “I’m lonely” sign inside our hearts, even if only on certain days or in certain stages of our lives.

You’re Not Alone

I know this sounds ridiculously basic — and perhaps a bit desperate. However, I’m convinced that we’d be shocked by how many of us sincerely need each other but believe we’re alone in this yearning.

We all wear an “I’m lonely” sign inside our hearts, even if only on certain days or in certain stages of our lives. Chances are many of women you see everyday are weighed down from their own sense of loneliness despite their exterior smiles.

Those of you fortunate enough to already have your tight-knit group of lady friends, please contemplate making room for a few more women to join you. Pause for a moment in your conversation — and life — to look and reach outside of your regular tribe for someone who is alone.

Women Need Other Women

I’ll be the first to say that being alone is not always undesirable. I really enjoy sitting and reading by myself during my son’s baseball practices. That being said, much of the time I would still prefer to chat with a fellow mom given the opportunity. (As it is, most of the moms on our small town baseball team are related or long-time BFFs and talk excitedly amongst each other.) I still try to reach out — and then pick up my book if my efforts are not reciprocated.

It doesn’t bother me too often, but sometimes it does.

Point is, it’s fine to be alone … when you are honestly fine with being alone. What’s not OK is tucking that aching loneliness down deeper inside instead of trying to fill that longing for female companionship.

Ladies, please don’t be afraid to reach out and connect. We as women offer each other a sort of emotional support and connection that our husbands –bless their hearts — just can’t.

WE NEED EACH OTHER. We just have to be more open about that need.

What is one way you can reach out to another mom this week?

We all wear an “I’m Lonely” sign inside our hearts.

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  1. Julie says:

    So true! Thanks for bringing this to light. As an introvert, I’m very comfortable being alone but even I need that female companionship once in awhile.

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