Taking that Leap: Do One Thing Each Day that Scares You

One of favorite sayings is “do one thing each day that scares you.”

Some big things in my life have occurred because I followed that advice. Most things that I push myself to do, though, are quite small and ordinary. Stepping out of my comfort zone to start up a conversation with a stranger, wearing an outfit I like that isn’t my typical style, or reading a mind-boggling nonfiction book instead of cozying up with a novel.

Recently I’ve been learning more about the technical side of blogging. Definitely not my thing!

So after some Youtube videos, tutorials, blog posts, etc., I decided to search for a class or workshop I could attend also.

That’s when I stumbled upon the Thrive Blogging Conference held this March in Austin, Texas. I researched more about it and got excited about what I could learn and gain by going to it. That is, until the fears and doubts (and realities) set in.

Self-doubt whispered I’m not important enough

Self-doubt whispered I’m ‘not important enough’ to justify the expense, time or effort. I’m a stay-at-home mom of three kids, after all. I don’t have a boss who is sending me on the company’s dime with expectations that I implement and share what I learn upon returning. I have a hobby and the contents of a well-used piggy bank to fund it. (Well maybe not literally, but it sure feels that way sometimes!)

So instead, I searched for something closer to home that was geared more toward beginners; something more in my comfort zone. Yet no matter how hard I tried to push it out of my thoughts, this particular conference kept pushing right back into the forefront of my mind.

I kept going back and forth. One moment I’d convince myself I was crazy to even think about going and to just forget about it, only to have pop into my mind again shortly thereafter!

I started to really wonder if this was an experience I needed at this time in my life…? Or did I just want a little adventure? (Or both?!) Either way, it’d be worthwhile.

Then it hit me: how often do we women and moms put our own interests, passions, and progression on hold? Far too much!

We can’t help others when we don’t have anything left to give.

Being selfless is admirable, but we can’t help others when we don’t have anything left to give.

Invigorated by the truth that I am worth this (and much more), and with the support of those close to me, I bought the ticket to the Thrive Blogging Conference, followed by booking the airline ticket and hotel room.

Dance party! I was so excited — and very nervous.

I had committed myself to this conference with ‘real’bloggers halfway across the country. Talk about doing something that totally scares me!!

To add to my excitement, my best friend, who lives on the other side of the country, is going to meet me in Austin — just for fun. She knows periodically giving herself time away from her family to do her own thing renews and benefits her — and subsequently, them!

And what do we have planned for the first day we are in Texas? Magnolia, baby!

Magnolia, here we come!

Yep, I’m going to go hang out with Joanna Gaines herself! OK, I’ll probably just eat at the Magnolia bakery and drool over all the beautiful decor at their stores in Waco (and post tons of pictures, of course), but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll snap a selfie with Jojo and Chip.

So here I am, just days from flying to Texas. I’m leaving my family for four nights and pursuing some interests of my own.

Am I still nervous? Absolutely! Will I be totally in over my head? Without a doubt! But I know it is exactly what I need right now.

You know how else I feel? PROUD.

Taking the Leap

I’m extraordinarily proud of myself for making this huge leap out of my comfort zone.

Going to a city I haven’t visited before, surrounding myself with women who are experienced — and even experts — in this field, and frankly, just putting myself out there…!

Yeah, it’s a big deal to this small-town soccer mom.

Apart from what I gain from the conference itself, I have no doubt that I will walk away from this upcoming trip with more confidence and life experience. That’s definitely worth the money, time, effort and anything else I may have rationalized as a reason not to go.

So what have you been trying to push out of your thoughts — and life? Maybe you should stop thinking about it so much, stop wondering how you’ll justify pulling it off, stop asking if it’s right or not. Hey, if it’s not going to hurt anyone and will at least give you more life experience and happiness — take that leap!

After all, you’re worth it, too!

You really are worth it.

Do one thing each day that scares you … and be amazed where it leads you.

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