Party Like It’s 1998

Once upon a time, four young, naive, and hilariously silly girls traveled from different states to a church college in the middle-of-freakin’-cold-nowhere, Idaho.  They’d never met until they hauled their boxes, bags and a duct taped suitcases into the same Ricks College dorm room 20 years ago.

Time out: how the heck can I say ’20 years ago’ and it literally be 20 years ago?!  That makes me feel ridiculously old — which I am not!  It’s something that my parents or even grandparents could say!  Wow, hang on for a moment while I go check my emerging crow’s feet…

Ok, time in.

Those sweet but slightly crazy gals didn’t know each other at all.  But in that simpler time before cell phones and social media — shoot, even before most college students owned their own computer, or cars for that matter! — they bonded over long-distance phone calls to their parents, late nights laughing and eating pizza, dating and daydreaming and crying over boys.

Spoiler alert: I was one of those boy-crazy, cafeteria-eating, tye-dyed wearing college freshmen.

Ohhhhh, the fun we had!  Mind you, it was probably not like the ‘fun’ the state school kids had, but you’d be impressed how creative and entertaining we rootbeer-drinking, chocolate-snorting, Mormon college students get!

Gloriously good times.  But those tales are for another blog…

Flash forward to November, 2018.  Those same four girls — now women in their late 30’s with 15 kids between them — reunite for five nights WITHOUT CHILDREN OR HUSBANDS!

So. Much. Fun. Again!!!

We’d hardly seen each other for 16 years and yet we didn’t miss a beat.  Laughter and stories and food and late-night TMI all over again!

This time we had bigger bank accounts — and hips.  We had cell phones and social media — and kids to check in with.  We discussed clothes and hair — and PTA, jobs and marriage.

Life had gone on.  So we decided to go on, too — by going on a cruise together.

Ladies out there: Go. Do. Be.

This has been the year that I have really tried to find and renew ME.  Obviously a lot of things about myself have changed in 20 years (I’d certainly hope so!).  Yet basic needs never alter: connection to others and to our own selves, laughter, reflection, dreaming, working toward and obtaining our dreams, identifying and expressing gratitude.

I needed those six days away from my normal routine and responsibilities.  I needed time just for myself.  I needed to hear my first name instead of ‘Mom.’  I needed to breathe.

And breathe I did.

I soaked up the late nights, reminisced like there was no tomorrow, enjoyed the non-child-centered activities, danced and sang without embarrassing my way-more-poised-than-me husband, and frankly, pigged out on the abundance of food that I did not have to cook or clean up!

Heaven.  This trip was definitely a slice of rejuvenating heaven.

Now I appreciate hearing ‘mom’ again.  And my family certainly appreciates me more.  Missing and being missed is healthy and helpful for everyone!

Go be missed.  Find some rejuvenation.  You deserve it. You need it.


I’d love to hear how you will revitalize yourself for five minutes?  Five hours?  Five nights?



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