Momlife — Summer Style


Momlife often looks like having my daughter begging to do my ‘makeup’ (pretend, of course; no way I’d encourage my just-turned 4 year-old to paint messy creations with makeup just yet!).

In my mind, though, there are countless things I need to do instead, like picking up my own room — with literally at least 50 of my husband’s ties still laying on the floor where he threw them down to ‘organize’ them before he got distracted by a little thing he calls work.  

It means needing to run upstairs to put the wet laundry in the dryer before I forget and it stays there so long that it sours — thus, requiring being washed again while we all wonder the whereabouts of the towels or undies.  (It’s handy having my laundry room upstairs; so handy, in fact, that I can just shut the door and forget about all of those loads of fun … for better or for worse!)


It means asking out loud why there are so many cups sitting on the counter by the sink?!  First of all, why aren’t they already in the dishwasher (heaven forbid I have to hand wash dishes!).  And secondly, when did I acquire 17 more kids?  Come on, my dear children would never use a new cup each time they got a drink throughout the day — or merely even considered getting a drink — instead of just reusing one freakin’ cup per day (or per hour even!)…?!


Knowing I will spend three times the amount of time to teach (again) my kids to clean their own bathroom instead of cleaning it (better) myself.  I keep hoping they will stop peeing on the toilet seat if they wipe it off themselves!  (No luck yet.  I have hope though because my husband doesn’t pee on the seat — so one of these years it should sink in that pee goes in, not on, the toilet!)


Seeing ooey, gooey jam and peanut butter on multiple butter knives, dumped in and near the kitchen sink. (I swear they know we own a dishwasher; they unload it!  So why the disconnect with dishes being loaded into it?)

Wiping up more evidence of early autonomy as crumbs scatter around the island.  Wanting to cringe, but instead recognizing that hey, at least they made their own sandwiches!

This is momlife. 

At least, this is the life of this mom.

Wait, did I mention that school’s out for the summer?  That means that regular momlife concerns (aka, MESSES!) are multiplied and compounded exponentially.  It also means that the amount my nerves get frazzled during each day are multiplied and compounded exponentially.

It also means that the amount of learning and making memories and laughing (and crying) together during each day are multiplied and compounded exponentially.

Sometimes I just have to remind myself of that last point.  Like, exponentially throughout each day.

Welcome to momlife — summer style.


I’d love to know what your momlife looks like and how you’re coping with — uh, enjoying — summer!

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