Ladies, Pursue Your Passions and Let’s Start Shining

Pssst! Hey, I have something to tell you!

I have dreams and goals and passions that burn inside me. They used to ignite my soul and light up my eyes.

But for several years I have allowed them to be set aside, bombarded by the more pressing needs of caring for my young family, making a house our home, serving in church and at school, being a good helpmate and friend, and so on.

These are all extremely good and worthy actions, mind you!

But before I knew it, the other burning desires of my heart were hidden under piles of everyday life, gathering dust and losing their shine.

This past year has been a learning process as I have given myself permission to unearth those unique yearnings of my soul. Little by little I have been blowing off the dust, shining up those babies, and adding them — with equal reverence — to the other parts of my life.

Ladies, let’s start shining.

To be honest, I’m still reaffirming to myself almost daily that it’s worth it to spend time, effort, and money on my goals — and on myself.


I am finding what has been lost. I am dusting off the old, as well as searching for new and shiny dreams to chase.

You moms out there who have put your passions and seemingly non-pressing personal needs on hold, please go dig them out of the piles of laundry and dishes and team practices.

Shine ’em up; spit polish them if you have to! No one’s judging you. We’re in this together!

You deserve to focus on yourself, too.

We are better moms, wives, and INDIVIDUALS when we grow and flourish — and shine.

So ladies, let’s start shining.

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