Just Be You and I’ll Be Me

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a total extrovert. I need interaction with other people (specifically adults!) to thrive. Chatting and laughing and connecting with others have long since refilled my weary soul.

Especially when I was a new mom in the trenches with babies and toddlers, the rare, much-needed adult interaction was the oxygen that revived me.

While I still consider myself an extrovert and enjoy being around others, specifically other women and moms similar to myself, I have found that spending an increasing amount of time alone has become just as — and sometimes more — rejuvenating.

I’d like to think this change has come with age and emotional maturity … but it’s most likely the result of being mauled by kids day after day!

All I know for sure is that a good book and a quiet house often outrank a social outing.

During those blessed occasions when I sit alone and revel in stillness, my nerves settle and my overly-sucked reserve of patience fills drop by drop. I recenter myself — and breathe.

Perhaps there is a bit of introvert in me after all?

As I have “matured” into my late 30’s, I’ve gotten much pickier about with whom I spend my time. Just being out with humans who wipe their own noses — and bums — no longer excites or energizes me. Carefully selecting with whom I visit makes the world of difference on whether I feel enriched — or just more depleted.

I want to be with the few, genuine friends who are real — and accept and love my realness, too. No more trying to impress each other; why waste such precious energy and time on being fake?!

Bring on the comfy pants, stained sweatshirt, and uncensored stories of our lives!

Just be you and I’ll be me.

Otherwise, I’d rather be alone in my bedroom or bathroom or car, perhaps with soft music or a book, energizing my soul for when it’s time to be ‘mom’ again.

Are you a total extrovert who is revived by noise, people and excitement — or are you an introvert who is best replenished by spending time alone? More importantly, HOW do you get enough of what you need (or do you)?

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