Give Yourself Some Love

Give yourself some love — however that may look for you.

That love may be different every single day.

Today, for me, it looks like going to yoga class, followed by some meditation.

Sometimes it may look like sitting outside in the sunshine and watching my daughter play on the swing — while giving myself grace that the laundry can be tended to later.

It could look like an impromptu walk or chat with a friend. Maybe it’s rockin’ out to the music of my glory days, or indulging in a hot bubble bath — without dwelling on how I should be cleaning that tub instead. And assuredly now and then it means allowing my kids more screen time than I care to admit in order to have a few minutes to myself.

Giving myself love often means that something else waits a moment while I feed my mental, emotional, physical or spiritual health.

Showing ourselves love may mean slowing down or becoming still instead of the constant GO, GO, GO we get caught up in.

Maybe that love for you looks like going for a run or eating a nutritious meal. Perhaps it means finally letting those tears fall that you’ve been holding back for so long.

However it looks today, try to do it even if it’s just for a moment. Give yourself some time to JUST BE.

Just as those we care about need love from us, we need to give ourselves some love, too. Your heart, body, mind, and soul will thank you for it.

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