Following Promptings You Receive — How Your Actions May be an Answer to Others’ Prayers

You guys, follow the promptings and good thoughts you receive! Let me share with you why …

The past two weeks have not been the greatest, to put it nicely. I’ve struggled with feeling down and motivated and lonely. I just kept trying to plug away as well as I could, getting by each day, but then those feelings really intensified last night and today.

I work outside the home part-part-time — like only a few days a month. I was supposed to work today and was looking forward to earning the money as well as the interacting with adults. But when my daughter woke up with a fever and bodily fluids a babysitter shouldn’t have to handle, I changed plans and tried to find a sub to fill in for me at the last minute. Not fun for anyone.

Poor li’l sickie

While sitting on the floor of my sons’ room and still wearing my purple fleece polka dot pajamas, I was attempting to be productive. I was verrrrry slowly folding laundry while I contemplated how sorry I felt for myself. Sorry that I was missing out on the money and experience of working today; sorry that I had been feeling sad and blah (much like the depressing weather outside); sorry that I was thinking of myself instead my daughter’s needs.

I told Heavenly Father that I was lonely and sad. I wished for comfort and a friend to turn to. I didn’t want to trouble others with my petty issues, though, so I turned to the most reliable source of adult interaction in the moment: a podcast.

With my sick little girl comfortably watching her favorite show, I paired socks and distracted my woes by listening to upbeat podcasters talk about various topics.

A little while later — still feeling glum — I heard a vehicle pull in our driveway, pause and then leave. I went to the door and was totally surprised to see an arrangement of flowers sitting on my front porch! I automatically assumed that they were supposed to be for the neighbor because no one ever sends me flowers!

Much to my delight I saw my name on the card, followed by a sweet and thoughtful note from a dear friend who lives in a different state!

The cheerful flower arrangement my friend felt inspired to send me at a time I really needed it.

I called her through my tears of gratitude and thanked her profusely for thinking of me. She said she’s never had the thought before to send flowers to someone and was surprised by it, but decided to act.

She didn’t know I’d been down in the dumps; she didn’t know I had prayed and hoped for comfort. But God did.

She didn’t know I’d been down in the dumps; she didn’t know I had prayed and hoped for comfort. But God did.

I don’t usually say too much about my beliefs, but I wanted to share this experience. You never know who you’ll help by listening to and acting on an inspired thought. You may not know what’s going on in someone’s life or head or heart, but God does. He loves all of us as His children and uses us to help and lift and cheer each other.

As a recipient of much-needed service from a dear friend, I have been reminded of how important it truly is to act on those fleeting thoughts to serve others, no matter how small, simple or random they may seem.

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  1. Julie says:

    So beautiful! And such a good reminder to listen to those quiet promptings. Thank you for sharing this!

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