Bring on the Growth!

Today I stepped out of my physical comfort zone.  I’ve totally slacked off with exercising, apart from yoga which is more of a mental workout for me.  I know I really need the benefits of regular exercise, and I am finally getting back to it!

I’d heard of a free community class where moms can exercise together one morning a week.  A good friend agreed to meet me there.  I was committed.

It’s no secret that I’m a very social and extroverted person.  I love talking and rubbing shoulders with women; being amongst other estrogen seems to balance mine so I’m a happier and healthier person!  So exercising with others is a definite win-win for me.

While I waited for my friend to arrive, I observed other women talking together in small groups, obviously already friends or associates.  I wasn’t feeling sorry for myself as I stood alone, just conspicuous and a little awkward.

Briefly I contemplated approaching a group to introduce myself.  Yet even for an extrovert like myself, it’s pretty intimidating to try to start a conversation with several strangers huddled together.

I hesitated, and just then my friend — and comfort zone — arrived.

Later during the day as I reflected on this seemingly trivial occurrence, I felt disappointed in myself.  I had passed up a simple yet significant moment to challenge myself even more than the physical exercise I had intended to do.

Moments of opportunity pass quickly.  They don’t usually stick around and wait while we decide to act or not.

Moments of opportunity pass quickly. They don’t usually stick around and wait while we decide to act or not.

Of course I can introduce myself next time, and I will; that opportunity is not lost.  The point is, I hesitated instead of acting immediately on the thought or inspiration, thus forfeiting growth. 

I want to exercise more than just my physical muscles.  I want to increase my courage, audacity and compassion.  I want to live proactively and not be held back by fear.

This small moment reinforced in me a valuable principle: inaction is an action in itself.

Inaction will not produce the results I want!

Inaction will not produce the results I want!

I’m proud that I took time to focus on myself by exercising for an hour and then doing an hour of yoga (gonna feel that tomorrow!).  My mind, body and spirit were all enriched by this. 

Unexpectedly, I benefited in another way, too.  My hesitation today motivated me to recognize and recommit to seize the moment

So, bring on the growth!

What moments of opportunity and growth will you seize today?

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