Bookwormin’ It

I have recently rekindled my passion for reading.

I mean, I’m no stranger to stealing snippets of time to read while breastfeeding or playing on the floor with a toddler or waiting in the car pick-up line at school.  Reading has always been an inexpensive way to momentarily escape the chaos or doldrums of reality.

The difference is the type of books I’m choosing to read.  Nora Roberts and J.K. Rowling are gathering a little dust right now.  Yep, I’ve stepped out of my bookworm comfort zone — and stepped up the quantity of my bookwormin’ time.

Some would classify this new, expanded type as ‘self-help’ … but I don’t like that term.  It makes me feel that, well, I need help.  I mean, yes of course I totally need help, but I don’t need it reaffirmed in ink!

I prefer to call this genre self-motivation.  Doesn’t that sound so much more uplifting, dignified and fun?!

I find these motivational books are both therapeutic and inspiring.  They’re my very own professor and life coach and counselor jumping up and down with pompoms and cheering for me — and patiently teaching or reminding me of important lessons — whenever I pick up a book.

This fabulous and stimulating outlet is one of the small things I try to do for myself most days.  Reading, reflecting, and possibly even re-reading a passage or a page is a simple (and productive) slice of heaven.

The problem is that I like to write in books.  Actually, I feel compelled to write in books!  Highlighting, underlining and starring statements that pierce or inspire me help me internalize so much more than just reading it and moving on.  And that’s fine if the book belongs to me — not so great if it belongs to the library!  How many ‘whoops!‘ moments have yanked me from a reflective revelry back to the reality of paying for that book?

You Kindle lovers out there are scoffing; I know, I’m totally old school.  Hey, I own Kindles and have the phone app, but I will testify here and now that it is not the same as a good, old-fashioned books with pages!

This thirty-somethin’ year-old needs the feel of a real book in my hands and on my nightstand and in my purse.

As a throwback to my front-row habits in college, I even take notes as I read.  But even notes aren’t enough!  I just love flipping through my favorite books to see immediately the marked up passages I treasured the most.  It’s kind of like a journal, really: what especially hit me that day/event/time in my life?  Is it still poignant to me now?  What has happened, internally and externally, since?

I am in love with self-motivation books that so perfectly teach, reach, and move me.  Taking time to learn from and enjoy them is a reward and a staple in this time of my life.

My bank account would be more grateful if they weren’t just an Amazon click away, but, as I tell my husband, books are cheaper than regular therapy — and healthier than insanity!

Is reading one thing you do each day for yourself?  What genres do you enjoy most?  Do you have any must-read books you would like to recommend?

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  1. Self-motivation, all the way! I also love business books (which are surprisingly similar to self-help), social topics (like drug addictions, health topics, great athletes, etc), and books about how your mind works. Then, of course, there are the “what to do with your kids” sort of books that have apparently become top shelf these last few (10) years!

  2. Julie says:

    I absolutely agree! Self-motivational books are very helpful . I also love listening to inspirational podcasts.

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