Hi! I’m Stephanie, a 30-somethin’ year-old trying to figure out this mom-gig — and myself — as I blog about Real Mom Moments.

I prefer to be reading, eating chocolate, traveling, writing, doing yoga — and being a mom to my kids, 9, 7, and 4, but unfortunately I sometimes also pack school lunches and do laundry.

This blog is a place for REAL MOMS to talk about the REAL MOMENTS we cherish, hate, celebrate or just barely survive. Being a mom can be super lonely (even if we’re constantly surrounded); believe me, I know. But it’s so much easier to get through the ups and downs of each loooong day when we feel part of a group!

My goal is to laugh and connect with other women as we wander this incredible and crazy journey of momhood together!

So for all my fellow moms out there secretly eating chocolate in the pantry, THIS IS YOUR PLACE!

I’d love to hear about your real mom moments! Post a comment, follow me on Instagram @Real.Mom.Moments and Facebook @RealMomMomentsBlog, or email me at hello@realmommoments.com.